About Us
Below is a selection of our jumps.
Stile & Bullfinch
Beech Stumps
Herring Bone

Three Tyres
Tyre Roll
Tigress Trap/Birch
Baby Drop

Ditch Spread
Tarmac Trip
Holly Drop
Water Complex

Brush Block
Angle Rails
Bank Complex
Arrow Head

Tiger Trap
Brick Wall
Cross Country:
Water Complex:
There is ample parking with good access for trailers and boxes on a gated site.
For Clubs and groups there is a Barn with chairs, tables, sink and fridge which can be used for sheltering from the weather, secretaries office, etc. It also has an electric point for boiling kettles.
The cloakrooms have hot water on tap and enough space to get your boots off!
The complex includes a water trakehner, 5’ water jump with various combinations.
The Show jumps are in an enclosed arena and the regularly changed course includes spreads, brick wall, stile, gate and assorted fillers.
The mini cross country has fifteen miniature jumps (1’ 6” - 1’ 9”) including brush, tyres, bounce, water, bank, gate, fence, drop, to name but a few.
Mini Course:
Show Jumps:
Other Facilities:
OXO Jump
Jail & Saloon
Pine LogPalisade
Jumping Lane
DropPheasant Feeder
Moss Log
Tarmac Trip
TrunkSleeper Wall
Ash Trees
Oak Combination
Chase Farm, Bramshott Chase, Hindhead, Surrey. GU26 6DG
Tel:  01428 604547 or 07899 715456
Email: ashton@chase-farm.co.uk?subject=Cross Country Enquiry P3
Single riders are very welcome but  we recommend that you are accompanied by another person for your own safety